Chapter 3

Chapter 3: How do device attributes interact and impact device performance?

Credits: References, Videos

Learning Objectives
  • Name desirable performance criteria for grounded force-feedback (GFF) device
  • Describe the relationship between key attributes and performance of a GFF device
  • Compare and contrast attributes of GFF devices
Readings and Resources
  • Massie, T. H., & Salisbury, J. K. (1994). The phantom haptic interface: A device for probing virtual objects. In Proceedings of the ASME winter annual meeting, symposium on haptic interfaces for virtual environment and teleoperator systems (Vol. 55, No. 1, pp. 295-300).
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1. Choose three key attributes of GFF devices and explain their relationship and tradeoffs.

2. Explore the Device Output tab on Haptipedia and answer the following questions.

  • Which device(s) has the highest force (or torque)?
  • Which device(s) has the largest (or smallest) translational workspace?
  • Which device(s) offers high force output and a large workspace.

3. Which mechanical structure(s) can provide a high force output? Explore Haptipedia to verify and justify your answer.

4. Compare and contrast attributes for three pairs of devices from the following set. You can choose the pairs yourself.
Phantom Premium 1.5, WoodenHaptics, Hapkit 3.0, MegLev Device (UHM6DOF2009), Inca 6D, Magic Pen


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